3D Construction Printing For a Smarter and More Sustainable Society

Black Buffalo 3D is a global provider of 3D printers for construction and proprietary cement-based ink. Our mission is to increase awareness, efficiency, and utility of additive manufacturing in the construction industry.
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The Black Buffalo
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Why 3D Printing

3D printing is revolutionizing the world in many ways. We focus upon construction of single to four story buildings and structures to save time, resources, labor, and overall cost.

The Black Buffalo Difference
Black Buffalo Difference

We focus on the materials and machines that print single-to-four story buildings and unique structures to save time, promote green building practices, reduce labor and lower overall costs. 

Our investment in R&D, a broad network of partners and the ability to scale production of printers makes us uniquely positioned to help developers around the world move from traditional building methods to 3D print construction. 

Our Vision

To lead the global innovation, development and convergence of convenient and customized on-demand printing of key infrastructure to sustain support and promote better building practices.

Our Mission

Increase availability of sustainable construction solutions to NGOs, enterprises, and governments that reduces time-to-build, supports efficient and environmentally friendly expansion and creation of infrastructure.

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