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Black Buffalo 3D is making 3D construction printing affordable and easy with Pay-as-You-Print construction printer rentals, complete with expert training.


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Black Buffalo 3D created its financial services division (BB3D Financial) to help its clients leverage 3D construction printing technology on a project basis. Our NEXCON printers can now be rented, leased or financed to match expected job timelines.  

BB3D Financial is committed to facilitating widespread adoption of 3D construction and wants builders, developers, and contractors to have the ability to learn, test and prove the advantages of 3D construction printing. 

Our approach is unique in the industry and allows our clients to lower capital expenses associated with having to purchase heavy equipment and machinery.  

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What we do

By removing high entrance costs and flattening the learning curve we enable creative minds to solve the growing housing crisis with incredibly beautiful, sustainable, and affordable homes and structures.

BB3D Financial equips builders, architects, artists, academics and more with turnkey 3D concrete printers (3DCP) at a low cost with expert training from 3D construction experts. 

Printers available for rental, lease and financing

Join the automated 3D construction revolution

Complete more jobs in a fraction of the time

Business as usual just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s vital that we bring technology at scale to the construction industry and confront the real issues.

Black Buffalo 3D is automating home construction and revolutionizing the industry to reduce environmental impact, provide affordable housing for those in need and add exponential efficiency to the entire industry.

Join the movement and create homes, buildings and infrastructure more quickly and affordably than traditional methods. 


We are assembling a fleet of worldclass construction printers available around the globe to provide a full turnkey package to builders, contractors, architects and more. 

Our introductory package includes the silo/mixer, pump and all the equipment required to 3D print dwellings and infrastructure. We deliver and pick up from your worksite, including full set up and tear down. 

Team training will be conducted on-site with Black Buffalo 3D and its partners who share our goal of creating a smarter and more sustainable society. 
We can also provide the concrete admixture “ink,” with tested varieties to fit virtually any location and season. We are hard at work on the next evolution of our process: reducing the ecological impact of our proprietary ink by adding industrial bio-based materials to the admixture. When it is ready our customers will receive priority access to use it in their projects