Collaboration is the Seoul of Success
Second gathering between the Republic of South Korea and U.S.A. Strategic Infrastructure Summit takes place in Washington D.C.

NEW YORK and WASHINGTON, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This week in Washington D.C. at the Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute (SIPI) headquarters, CEO Norman Anderson, hosted the second meeting between educational, political and business leaders from the Republic of South Korea and the United States to further develop ways to improve physical and digital infrastructure between the two countries. Representatives from Big Sun Holdings Group, Inc.–Flash Labs and Black Buffalo 3D Corporation–along with Smart Radar System Inc., Blockchains Inc. and Professor Junseok Hwang of Seoul National University represented the companies working together in support of President Biden’s G7 commitment to revitalize democracy through infrastructure investment and collaboration.

“Our organization is proud to be able to host such an important event between these two powerhouse countries of innovation,” remarked Norman Anderson–Chairman and CEO of CG/LA. “The Republic of South Korea and the United States recognize that working together is the best path to quickly and effectively improve infrastructure and make the Build Back Better World (B3W) a reality. The businesses and experts gathered here represent the leading edge in blockchain, IoT applications and 3D construction printing that will play a vital role in advancing everyday living.”

The first meeting took place the week of May 17th at Seoul National University Siheung Campus. Several agreements were signed to solidify each countries agreement to identify, invest and develop initiatives related to creation of Smart Cities and Smart Infrastructure.

“We are very grateful and excited to be involved in this collaboration between South Korea and the United States,” remarked Michael Woods–CEO/COO of Big Sun Holdings Group Inc. “This event isn’t about showcasing an individual company’s capabilities, but rather showing how much can be accomplished through collaboration to improve infrastructure.”

Big Sun Holdings Group, Inc. was selected to participate and due to their role as the representatives of a U.S. based global accelerator of their parent- HN Inc.’s South Korea based companies. With its businesses Flash Labs-dedicated to development of blockchain based smart applications and IoT data solutions- and Black Buffalo 3D- large scale construction printers- will contribute expertise and technology to the effort.

Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute
The Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute provides consultancy for USA and global clients on urban, energy, transportation and overall infrastructure development, especially for USA federal government and state governments upon policy, roadmap, strategies. Currently, it is closely collaborating with Biden administration on Build Back Better program as well as other new infrastructure investment programs for actual implementation thereof.

Mr. Norman Anderson, Chairman and CEO of the Strategic Infrastructure Performance Institute, is a contributor to Forbes and Bloomberg as a specialist on infrastructure investment and has provided and provides important guidance to the administrations of Presidents Clinton, Obama and Joe Biden.

Big Sun Holdings Group, Inc.
Big Sun Holdings Group-the U.S. based subsidiary of HN Inc. based in South Korea-is the parent company of Black Buffalo 3D Corporation and Flash Labs Corporation. Its mission is to increase the understanding and adoption of new technology-3D construction printers, smart contract applications, blockchain enhanced IoT data-to improve physical and digital infrastructure needed to create sustainable smart cities that benefit everyday living.

In addition to his role as CEO/COO of Big Sun Holdings Group; Mr. Michael Woods is a member of Blueprint 2025, an officer of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Finance Committee for the Business Council for International Understanding based in Washington, DC, and a Board Member of The Korea Society, based in New York City.

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