Hyundai BS&C renamed to ‘HN’ to reflect its future value and innovation will

Hyundai BS&C announced on the 4th that it has changed its name to ‘HN’ to reflect its future value and innovation will.

This company name change is carried out in order to more clearly present the brand value provided to customers, and to reinforce global leadership prior to entering the overseas market based on future core technologies such as ICT, big data, DID, blockchain, and 3D architectural printing.

‘HN’, a new mission, is ‘Hello New Days’, which contains the corporate vision of creating a better tomorrow and a richer world for humanity, and ‘Hello New Days’, which contains the corporate philosophy of respecting people, loving nature, and contributing to the improvement of the overall value of society. It means ‘Human & Nature’.

Along with the company name change, a new corporate image was also released. The new CI was created by combining sunlight as a motif, black representing a strong sense of challenge and trust, and yellow representing a bright tomorrow. Through this, it expressed HN’s vision to open a better tomorrow and a richer world to mankind like a light shining on humans and nature.

HN’s affiliates also changed their company name to build a consistent brand identity and maximize synergy among affiliates. ▲Hyundai BS&I is HN Innovalley, ▲Hyundai Fine Chemical is HNX, ▲Hyundai BS&E is HN Hyconn, ▲Hyundai Pay is HN Fincore, and so on.

Along with this, HN is actively promoting its corporate vision and new CI through TV advertisements. HN’s determination and determination to continue challenging and innovating for a better future without being settled in reality will be on air in January and February with two advertisement videos.

HN Chairman Lee Hyu-won said, “Based on our challenge and pioneering spirit, we have introduced a new mission to make the future value that we pursue to be known more clearly both inside and outside. We will continue to challenge and innovate.”

On the other hand, HN is an IT, construction, and convergence technology company founded in 2008 by Dae-sun Chung, the third generation of Hyundai family.

HN provides comprehensive IT services such as ICT, SI, IT outsourcing, and IT consulting, and recently, new growth based on cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, blockchain, big data, smart factory, and 3D construction printer, which are the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. It is actively promoting the convergence business. In addition, it is continuing remarkable growth by launching a premium residential brand ‘HERIOT’ and an urban living housing brand ‘Sun&Vill’ to actively develop construction projects.